The Supply Chain Excellence Leadership Platform (SCELP) is a network of supply chain management leaders who come together and take steps to further advance and implement the supply chain management discipline. SCELP applies scientific insights to real-life situations, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice. We create an environment in which supply chain leaders from many different sectors exchange knowledge, discuss ideas and network with their peers. The network’s insights are shared with the market through its own website, the press and various publications.


SCELP wants supply chain management in the Netherlands to become regarded as a leading international benchmark, and for the discipline to be given a strategic position in the boardroom. We are striving for a new type of leadership that enables collaboration within organizations and within networks. Last but not least, we are working to reinforce the discipline’s reputation as an important source of economic growth, societal development and sustainability.

Results to date

SCELP works in five-year periods. The results from the first five-year period (2012-2017) show that, in pursuit of success in today’s volatile world, companies must engage in supply chain collaboration both within their own organization and with other chain partners. This requires a shift from a vertical mindset to a horizontal one. In turn, this calls for highly inspiring and coaching leadership and a clear supply chain strategy that is directly derived from the corporate strategy. SCELP develops knowledge and tools that support this shift. Members have access to those tools.


The core themes for the 2018-2022 period are:

  • Sustainability
  • Digitalization
  • Strategy
  • Talent development


SCELP is a members-only network. A member’s level of input depends on which type of membership they choose. Core members conduct preparatory work on a theme and lead the meetings in which that theme is discussed. They pay a lower membership fee than regular members. Regular members actively contribute during the meetings.

Why join?

Supply chain executives join SCELP to:

  • expand their knowledge;
  • exchange thoughts and ideas with peers;
  • actively contribute to the future direction of the supply chain discipline;
  • hear about best practices first-hand;
  • broaden and deepen their network.


Membership of SCELP is open to directors and senior managers of large and medium-sized companies (primarily in manufacturing, wholesale or retail) who have direct responsibility for supply chain management. Consultants, interim managers and supply chain-related service providers are excluded from joining.

Prospective members are welcome to attend one session free of charge on a trial basis. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, send an e-mail to and we will reply to you directly.

The meetings are usually held in the Dutch language.